Our Story


At Bare Roots (a division of Alpha Produce), family comes first. Our goal is to give your family quality produce at affordable prices with convenience. We believe supporting sustainable farms creates a healthy family, community, environment, and economy.

Bare Roots began in 2010 and was developed because of all the requests by friends and family that wanted fresh produce delivered at home for their families. Bare Roots has been built by word of mouth from parents, grandparents, friends, and acquaintances that want to provide great quality produce that creates a healthy lifestyle for their family.

Children that grow up eating fresh fruits and veggies — by keeping plenty of snacks accessible like bananas, apples, blueberries, and baby carrots — become used to reaching for a healthy snack instead of grabbing candy, chips and pastries.
To have your children familiar with a variety of fruits and veggies is rewarding, it instills and develops good eating habits, sharpens their minds, fights obesity and helps them grow into healthy, confident adults.

By choosing our Delivery option, Bare Roots will be able to help you eliminate another errand of shopping for fruits and vegetables to save you time and money. We will provide fresh hand-picked produce, packed and delivered straight to your doorstep!