Why promote healthy eating at work?

In addition to brightening up the workplace, our fresh produce boxes are an easy, low cost but highly beneficial employee health and well-being initiative. Workplace fruit and vegetables keeps employees healthy, motivated and more productive, delivering benefits for employee and employer alike.

Company Benefits: Productivity & Performance

Workplace health promotion is an important way to not only improve health, but also improve employee’s productivity! Apart from being lower in calories than the usual office snacks at the vending machine, the benefits of eating more fruit and vegetables at work implement positive impact on business performance.

  • Healthy employees are 60% more productive than an unhealthy employee.
  • Employers can save money on health insurance costs.
  • Employees who are health conscious report less sick days.
  • No more afternoon slumps in energy and fuzzy brains.

Employee Benefits: Self-Health

We spend up to 60% of our waking hours at work, so we would need to eat 3 out of our 5 meals a day at work. Healthy eating in the workplace can also help employees become happier at work.

  • Eating more fruit and veggies is the second most important cancer prevention strategy after giving up smoking.
  • There is up to 40% greater level of protection against having a stroke when eating fresh fruit and vegetables.
  • Having fruit and vegetables at work means we are more likely to reach for an apple or carrot, than a bag of chips and soda.

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